About Me


Child of God, disciple of Jesus, servant, husband, father, family member, friend, charity marketeer and fundraiser, musician… and the rest.

Faith, hope and charity. 1 Cor 13:13.

waywalking – the waywalker

“how many corners do I have to turn, how many times do I have to learn..?
..all the love I’ll ever need, I already have.”

I know I have a purpose, I’m just not sure of the the specifics. For me, life’s a series of steps, along a guided path. Whilst I know the ultimate destination, I don’t know the earthly one.

Al I know is this: I have a heavenly father who created me and loves me. He has a plan for my life and I want to live it out. That’s what ‘walking the way’ is all about. The ‘way’ has been mapped out – all I have to do is walk it (!). God set the plan in motion, Jesus showed us the way – that He is the Way and the Truth, and the Life.

Walking is not easy – it is filled with both joy and hardships and it’s a choice. Every decision I make is my choice. And there’s either the right way (God’s way) or the wrong way. I’m pinning my colours to the mast and making my commitment – I want to live God’s Way. This blog is the story of how this works out..!

Why do I blog?

To make some sense of my crazy life. I’m the guy who never knew what he wanted to be when he grew up and still doesn’t.

I’m just an ordinary bloke, but extraordinary things happen to me – ever since I started following Jesus.

This blog’s my ongoing record of my life’s journey, the choices made, steps taken – the way walked.

I may not know where I’m going but I know who I’m going with and I want to look back and know what the journey looked like, warts and all.  Maybe one day it’ll make some sense.

The hardest part?

The Truth. First, believing it. Second, telling it.

For most of my life I believed that I wasn’t good enough, and that everyone else’s way was the right one. In 2005 that began to change and I learned that my path is unique – but God led. I spent many years covering up my shortcomings with a fabrication, based on what I wanted to be real, not what really was.

Now I’m facing up to the truth of my unique purpose, my unique contribution to the world and the Kingdom, God’s unique plans for me and my unique story.

His Kingdom come, His Will be done…

That’s my passion and the foundation of my purpose – to be used by Him as a kingdom builder, servant and worshipper – for His Glory.

This is my story…

… please read on.


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