The first few steps…

Friday 25th November, Charlotte took her first proper steps (without the use of anything to hold on to), straight into Rach’s arms.

On Saturday 26th November, she walked out of the lounge and into the dining room – towards both of us! The tears were of excitement and happiness.


A few little steps

Not of the waywalker’ – I watched my little girl take three steps today. I don’t know if they were her first, but they were the first connected steps I’ve seen her take and to watch them was an absolute delight to me.

” Charlotte, you have such a happy experience of the world, and you’re taking it at your own pace. I love the way you explore your immediate environment, with a measured outlook and an inquiring mind. You’re happy to just investigate things close to you, not stepping too far, but examining those things in depth. You keep doing that – taking life a few little steps at a time.” Love, Dad.